Making Love Connections One Nut at a Time. Rep. John Sullivan.

john sullivan

Because every squirrel can find a nut in the forest of love.

Oklahoma Republican Representative looking for Love in All the Wrong Places:  Hello Ladies.  As you know,  Oklahoma is the OK state.  But if you are looking for love that is more than OK, turn to Oklahoma Republican Representative John Sullivan. 

You’ll have so much fun with this former real estate broker, your hair will fall out.  (Well, maybe just the hair around your forehead).  You may recall this mug from television.  No not C-Span.  The show Cops. Sully’s been arrested a few times, but that only means he likes to party.  His arrests included assault and battery, disturbing the peace and public intoxication.  But don’t worry, the cop he assaulted was off duty.   Sully will never be off duty for your heart.  The only disturbing of the peace he will be doing is the loud beating of his heart.   And he will be publically intoxicated with your love.  Rawr! He has been rated as 0% by the ACLU on civil rights issues but he is 100% sassy.

Described by former GOP communications consultant David Perason as “the most dishonest, disingenuous and crooked politician I have ever known. He is a liar because he repeatedly lied to me and others about his business background, his arrest records and many other things” But don’t worry, Sully won’t lie to your heart.

Sully likes to stoke the flames of passion.  In a recent town hall meeting, he questioned whether President Obama was indeed born in the United States.   So what if newspaper accounts announced President Obama’s birth over four decades ago?  Ever hear of a time machine.   So what the state of Hawaii produced a birth certificate with a raised seal, the director of Hawaiian public health confirmed the birth, and the Republican governor of Hawaii confirmed his birth?  So what if his mother was a US citizen?  So what if Obama underwent a strenous vetting process that probably included the CIA , FBI, Congress, and the scrutiny of a world media?  He wants real proof.  But he won’t have to prove that he loves you.   Sully  has spoken against government bailouts at tea party events.  The  fact that he voted for the  Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, aka the bailout, will be our naughty secret.

Turn ons are walks in the park, long form birth certificates, teabagging, dentist-lawyer-real estate agents, and George Bush (in his first term, he voted 100% of the time for W).

Turn offs are fat chicks, immigrants, Kenyans and common sense.


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