The Rise of Cobra and the Return of Palin



As a kid, I loved watching GI Joe cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Our real American heroes would thwart the dastardly plans of the evil Cobra Commander as he tried to take over the world.   Cobra Commander was a somewhat menacing looking figure in a Darth Vader /  Dick Cheney sort of way.  As such, he would often have to turn to his femme fatale, the Baroness.  With long dark hair, black-rimmed glasses and an Orly Taitz accent, the ruthless beauty carried a menancing gun.  In one actual episode, she travels to Alaska where she steals the seal of Alaska and tries to kill Snake Eyes, his pet wolf and Kwinn the Eskimo.

Now, the Baroness is back from hiding.  No, I don’t mean the Baroness in the new feature length GI Joe Movie.  I mean the real Baroness.  The one with the funny accent.  The one who delights in shooting wolves from planes cause yah gotta eat.   The new accent doesn’t fool me.  I know its her.  She has given up the great seal of Alaska with 18 months left in her term.  She has gone from killing wolves to killing healthcare reform. She wants to attack your COBRA benefits.  In her state of the union, press conference, television interview, speech before Congress Facebook update, former Governor Sarah Palin stated:  “Who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course.”  Palin goes on to write “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

Her statements rubbed me the wrong way in many ways.   Death panels?  Sounds like a weird spinoff of American Idol.  Imagine Paul Abdul, Simon whats his face and David Hasselhoff judging whether or not grandma is gonna make it.  The ratings would be amazing.  We can have Ozzie’s wife as an alternate.  Actually, what bugged me about Palin’s statements was that she immediately dragged her poor kid into the center of the debate.  Considering she relentlessly decries the media for mentioning her kids, why does she intentionally throw them on stage.  If she doesn’t want media coverage of her family, stop trotting them out every five seconds.  Why not throw a blanket over Bristol’s  head.  It worked for Michael Jackson’s kids.  You live in Alaska.  I am sure you have blankets.

Actually, what really bothers me about her statements is that she is injecting more misinformation into a highly charged debate.  For better or worse, a segment of our society believes in her.  Healthcare is a complex issue.  Calling the proposals “evil” and suggesting it will kill babies and old people is shameful.  For someone who has higher political aspirations, these are not the actions of a statesman.  I would have preferred if she offered an alternative plan.  I never liked scare tactics in politics.  They cloud the issues.  They misinform and manipulate.   Besides I hear that Palin is suggesting that we let our seniors loose into the Alaskan wilderness where they will be shot at from planes.  Survival of the fittest.  It’s really quite humane.

So where does this grandma killing misinformation come from?  Who is telling you that there is a boogeyman in the closet?   In addition to Palin’s evil comments, Rush Limbaugh has stated that “they” are going to counsel you on how to die.  Healthcare opponents usually  point to language in a House bill that offers senior citizens free counseling meant to answer any end of life questions they may have.  This is voluntary counseling that includes advice on will preparation, medical power of attorneys, resuscitation wishes and other pertinent matters.  It does not mean that Obama, the Kenyan born communist wants to kill grandma and use the extra money to pay for abortions.

Over the years, I have found that if the counter argument is led by the Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins and Orly Taitiszeses of the world,  it may behoove you to take closer look at the truth.  Here, the legislation orders Medicare to pay for consultations between patients and doctors on end-of-life decisions.  Right now, it does not cover it.  Of course,  these consultations are not mandatory.  Grandpa Joe doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to.  It is an option.   Truth of the matter is such consultations are nothing new.   Health care facilities have been required to provide end-of-life information to patients since 1990 when Congress passed the Patient Self Determination Act.  I believe that was under the reign of George the First. Similar actions were brought under George the II as well.  According to Politico: “In 2003, under the Bush administration, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality issued a 20-page report outlining a five-part process for physicians to discuss end-of-life care with their patients.” [Politico, 7/28/09].

We need more affordable options.  There is no reason Canadians should be living longer than us. ( Granted the reason may be that they sent Celine Dion to the United States.  Studies show that American life expectancy shortens 5 minutes everytime they hear the theme to Titanic).   Americans  should not be forced to choose between visiting a doctor or putting food on a table (or having the HBO package on their television set).  The healthcare system in our nation needs to be fixed.  Stop with the scare tactics.  Start with the solutions.

PS Did you hear that Obama wants to take away Rascals from Senior Citizens.  He says they add to global warning. He also plans to take the batteries out of your Life Alert.  If you fall, you won’t be able to get up.


5 Responses to “The Rise of Cobra and the Return of Palin”

  1. The best defense is to maintain the position that She is a buffoon that should not be taken seriously. Otherwise, there is the risk that “moderates” might begin to accept her.

    Lampoon. Ridicule and Parody are our best hope of keeping Her on the fringes.

    It’s where she belongs. Don’t let her creep into the mainstream.

    @saruhAI is an interesting example of how to maintain the parody and position this person where she belongs.

  2. lawbaron Says:

    Thanks Sam. You are officially our first comment

  3. Cape Cod Gurl Says:

    I’m not sure lampoon is the best strategy always. Palin’s previous comments could be “handled” that way because she essentially was behaving as a caricature..if you’re given eggs, make an go with it. This is different: it is a lie..Death Panels..she paints a picture of nazism. That’s their playbook. She called it an “evil” plan. I think a stronger reaction is called for..I wish we could just ignore her and she’d go away..but that will not happen with today’s media. If you recd a smack in the head with a shovel, I’m not sure ignoring or lampooning the wielder would make your head hurt less.

  4. Political Baron Says:

    Thank you for your comments as we launch our new blog. I think it’s important to point out when people are being misled. Too many people fall for soundbites and manipulative half truths.

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